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About Us

making lawns beautiful for over 20 years

We have several key values that make up who we are as a local family owned and operated company.
We believe in: consistent service, meeting your needs, providing quality work at a fair price, maintaining a professional image, giving honest answers to the questions our customers have, showing up for work, and providing the best workmanship that we possibly can.

Our goal is to put our values into action through the work we provide and the professional appearance we maintain.
From commercial to residential we have a full line of professional lawn care equipment that is ready to serve.

We take pride in our work and that is what brings our customers the quality they have come to know and trust for over 20 years.

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"Say What you'll do, and do what you say"

A Letter From The Owner -

The values that make up our company today go all the way back to when I was a young man. My father was a hard working man as a general foreman at a large automobile company. He was a good example to me, he showed me through his actions how to provide for a family of 7 as well as teaching me to say what I’ll do and do what I’ll say.

Starting at age 10, I had my first job working at a small town fruit stand. I worked for a man named Ed. Ed had two jobs, working in a rock quarry and serving his community with his small fruit stand. He was well diversified offering many different products as well as pony rides on his farm. I learned several great values during my time working for Ed. Specifically how to earn honest money and not just take it. I remember one time specifically when Ed said to me: “Steve, you can be afraid of a lot of things… but never be afraid to work. No matter what you do, give it your very best.”

As time went on, I worked in different places including suspension shops, auto body shops, and finally at age 21 I landed a job working for a large steel manufacturing company based in Chicago, IL. During my years working at the steel company, I became married and we had our first and only child in 1994.

Several things in my life started to change. By far, one of the most precious things that happened to me is Jesus Christ called me to be a Christian.It was at this time when His values became my values. In 1999, the economy was not doing very well and I was in need of extra income to support my family. My wife and I were struggling financially and I knew I needed a second job. At this time I began to recall Ed and all of the values that I learned from my time working with him.

Through difficult circumstances and a rough economy, Blade Runners was born in 1999 as a part time lawn mowing service. I started out my adventure with an old snowmobile trailer, a 1998 Dodge Dakota, and a John Deere push mower. At the time, the Lord provided just enough income from Blade Runners to meet the needs of our family. As my family grew, the business did also. My son started helping me at the age of 11 learning the trade hands on as I taught him the same values that were taught to me including honesty, integrity, and a willingness to serve others.

In 2008 I was laid-off from the mill and Blade Runners which was once a part time job now became a full time business. Fast forwarding to today, the core of our business is operated by my family which includes: I, my wife Jules,my son Reed, and his wife Rachel. We love to serve our church, our neighbors,and our community.

To us, Blade Runners is not just our job; it makes up the fabric of who we are as a family.

Steve Renfrow,
Owner/Founder (1999-2019)
Blade Runners Lawn Services Inc.    

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